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"no not at all" Alex replied "but I'm just sayin, I'm taller and heavier and I'm only 11" "well how big is yours then?" Eddie inguired. www.beeg com "umm I dunno. why you so interested?" Alex asked defensively. "I'm not, wwwbeeg I just wondered. You don't want to talk about jacking www.beeg..com off, you don't want to talk about how small your dick is, What do you want to talk about?" "how about the fact that your dick is NOT www.beeg com ten and a half inches" Alex shot back. "guess беег you'll never beeg anal know " Eddie www.beeg com shot back turning to walk down the street. wwwbeeg The two had been playing in Alex's back yard and Eddie was headed toward the woods at the end of the street. These woods led to a cave that would be the site of beeg sex many an erotic encounter.However at this point it had served as nothing more than a fort where two newly united friends were able to hide out from the rest of the world and play hide and seek and the innocent games of youth. They beeg movies would be able to talk about beegcom the things bee that noone else could know. The secrets that they would share sex beeg with noone else. "well I gotta piss, let sex beeg me go over here and pull this big fat dick out" Eddie beeg. said when they arrived at the cave. "you need a magnifying glass to find beeg massage it stubby?" Alex giggled as he sat down upon a rock. "no but you can help me" Eddie shot him a look before turning to walk outside the cave and relieve himself. "I wonder if he meant that? " Alex thought to himself "I never seen another beegxxx boy naked before" Alex got up and walked outside the cave deciding he had to pee as well. When he walked out of the cave he went to the begg other beeg porn videos side of беег the entrance than Eddie did,he didn't want Eddie to think he was trying to seee his dick beeg video or anything. He beeg sex undid his pants and began to relieve himself. "oh mine is definately bigger than that" He heard from behind beeg videos him. When he turned his head he saw Eddie standing behind him. "hey" he said surprised that someone was watching him piss "what do you think your doing?" "nothing just tryin to find your little dick" Eddie giggled "well you saw mine now let me see yours" Alex shot back as he shook off xnxx beeg and then placed himself back inside of his pants. Eddie began to walk back into the cave. Alex sat down quietly for a few minutes and then spoke up "do you really think mine is little?" "no it's alright for beeh a nine beeg 18 year old" "hey fuck you. I bet yours is smaller than mine" "you'll never know" Eddie smiled again. "you saw mine now I get to see yours" "you just want to see my dick,are ya fag or sumthin'?" "I'm not the one looking over peoples shoulders as they piss" Alex shot back again kind of upset beeg hd the Eddie was playing games with him. "I know, why don't we show each other at the same time?" "because you already seen mine" Alex shot back "I couldn't see anything,I was just picking on ya" beeg ass Eddie pulled porno beeg his shirt off beeg milf and then began to untie his shoes "well?" Alex began to undress as well, he was trembling with excitement, he had never shown his naked body to anyone. His own mother hadn't seen him naked in years.It wasn't that he was self consciouse about his body , he just wasn't sure how he stacked up against other kids. The two boys stood before one another in their shorts until Eddie undid his shorts and pulled them down revealing a pair of boxer briefs. Alex then removed his www.beeg..com shorts revealing beeg black a pair of black and red striped boxers. Alex could feel himself start to harden and noticed beegs a tent forming in Eddie's briefs as well. "I know lets beeg coom undress eachother so that the other can't chicken out" Alex moved toward Eddie slowly on legs that were stiff as his small boyhood. 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Kevin's dick was laying limply on his leg beeg xnxx and Alex wanted to reach out and touch it but decided to let Kevin sleep. He had found that it was harder and harder to bring himself off without thinking of Kevin. He beeg x loved to think of beeg.c Kevin and his perfect body. He closed his eyes and thought about the many wonderful times they had together as he worked furiously fisting his tool,when he opened his eyes again Kevin was watching him and his beeg com once limp dick was now growing hard. "you want some help www beeg.com with that?" he beeeg whispered. "umm ... if www.beeg.com you want" Kevin www.beeg.com crawled down between his legs .beeg and began to kiss on Alex's large hairless balls. "oh man lets 69 " Alex moaned. beeg hairy When Kevin crawled around Alex wasted no time burying his face into the sweet smelling pubic region of Kevin. Kevin had now taken him into his mouth as Alex worked his face into the beeg.con sweet ass of Kevin. "oh man" Kevin moaned around Alex's rigid beeg sexxn cock. beeg xnxx It didn't take long before Alex felt himself begin to build. When he finally exploded he felt it rise up from his beeg-com beeg. com toes and had he not had his face buried deep into Kevin's rosebud he would have screamed beeg sexxn out loud enough to wake the whole household. When he beeg sex video grew limp Kevin let Alex slip fall from his mouth and then .beeg crawled off of hd beeg beeg ass Alex and snuggled against him. "you wan tme beeg gesetz to finish you https //beeg.com off?" Alex rolled onto his side and faced Kevin as he asked his question. "not really, I think beegxx i'd rather snuggle up to you and fall asleep" he said smiling that beautiful smile. The two beeg xvideos boys drifted off to sleep in beeg porn videos eachothers arms. continued..... sorry it took so long I think I'm back on track now though thank you all for your patience that is if anyone is stil reading if you are let me hear from you AXL Date: Fri, 11 beeg 18 Apr 2003 18:20:00 -0400 From: mr. axl beeg tubes Subject: eddie and the axeman 17 disclaimer: if you beeg coom havent figured it out in hd beeg 17 beeg porno chapters well then.. anyway consensual sex between boys. if your not alowed to read it then don't,. if beeg hot beeg xxx your crazy then leave I don;t want my work to hurt any kids EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 17 Kevin awoke before Alex and realized that he had lost his nerve, as much as he wanted to, he just could not bring himself to talk to Alex about anal beeg his concerns. anal beeg Part of it was fear that Alex would beegs not like him anymore,part was fear that beegs Alex might get angry enough beeg sex video to hurt him,he had seen Alex fight already and new he did not want to make him mad.But mostly it was because he did like the sex,it's just that he was worried that they were just partners and not friends. Partners he could find ,but friends were harder to beeg videos come by and he really wanted to have one. As if he mom beeg read his thoughts ,Alex awoke and smiled at him. He got up and put on a pair of shorts before going to beeg..com the bathroom. "morning" Alex said to Kevin when he came beeg sex back into the room. Kevin was still laying on the bed,he smiled at Alex "morning" "you hungry? I'm sure mom cooked breakfast" "A little" Kevin answered back. The two boys went down stairs and had breakfast. It had gotten bitter cold outside, it wasn't beeg mature going to be a white christmas but it would be a damned cold one. Alex was very unhappy about this as it would mean that the two boys would have to stay inside. Alex loved being outdoors, he liked to watch the sun reflect off of beeg free the fine hairs on Kevin's face making him even more beautiful (if that were possible). He also liked having beeg the privacy, being able to goto the cave.He would never do that again in the cold,he felt that he nearly killed Kevin, who was sick for the rest of the day. They could either stay home or go shopping with the folks,he would leave it up to Kevin. When they got back up to the room Alex asked Kevin"so you wanna go shoppin' with the 'rents or stay home?" "it doesn't matter to me" Kevin replied thinking that if they stayed home it would give him an opportunity to talk to Alex. "well I don't beeg porn care either beeg xnxx so make a decision" "It's up to you, really Alex" "fine. we go shopping" Alex said smiling and giving Kevin a hug. 'damn' Kevin thought to himself it's like he knew which I wanted him to say. ofcourse that also means no sex,why would he do that?."I'm thinkin' way too beeg come much" he decided So the two boys spent the entire day shopping. When they b eeg walked into the music beeg.con shop Alex realized that he beeh had no idea what kind of music Kevin liked. "so what kind porno beeg of music do you like Kevin?" he asked "all kinds really, but mostly beeg vids r&b, the old motown stuff" "Damn, you ARE weird" Alex wrinkled his nose "naw I'm just beeg.com fuckin' with ya, I like that stuff too" Kevin turned his frown into a smile.He was frowning because Alex called him weird,but now he knew he was just joking. The two boys spent beeg xxx most anal beeg of the shoppin' trip makin' fun of people and joking with eachother. "this is more like it" Kevin thought to himself "this is what I have been wanting all along" "man this is fun" Kevin spoke up absently. Alex looked at him for a minute as if to read him "yeah it is" He flashed his biggest smile at Kevin. It was neerly beeg xx 9 o'clock before Alex's folks caught up to them and told them it was time to go. Kevin was relieved as his legs were getting tired. https //beeg.com For as much fun as he was having, he wasn't used to walking so much. Alex on the other hand didn't seem to notice. When they finally got beegporn home the two boys curled up on the floor and watched movies with Alex's parents. Again Kevin was amazed at how much fun he was having, he couldn't remember the last time he watched beeg ass a movie with his own mom,or when they were together long enough to try. Kevin again marvelled at how it seemed that Alex knew what he needed,down to the fact that he brought him a coke beeg.com/ back when he was getting thirsty. When he was starting to get cold,Alex got up and grabbed a blanket and the two boys snuggled under the blanket drawing a look of concern from Alex's mother and a disinterested look from his father. Alex noticed her look. "what?? we're cold" He confronted. "I didn't say a word" His mother said defensively. beeg com. "well so long as you porno beeg boys keep your hands to yourselves" His father said with a smile. beeg video "well guess you better move that hand Kevin" Alex said with mock sadness "huh?" Kevin said with beeg.com shock. "now now Kevin, hands to yourself" Alex's dad said joining in on the game. "I don't need any grand babies just yet" His mother pipped in. Now the two boys exchanged a confused look. "ummm mom do you and I need to have the talk?? I mean we're both boys not much chance of that." Kevin nearly spit on himself and than choked on his pepsi, beeg-com before everyone else busted out with laughter. As it turned out, the two boys fell asleep right there in the floor and thats where they were left to sleep. When they awoke in the morning they were both disoriented.They had to uncurl themselves from one another. "I wonder if his parents know about us??" Kevin thought to himself. Kevin would have to beeg beeg go home tomorrow and it showed beeg/ in Alex's beeg . mood as soon as beeg moms he woke up, he was quiet. "hey grumpy we gettin some breakfast?" Kevin said with a beeg .com big grin. He looked around makin sure it was o.k to kiss Alex. Alex was shocked by the gesture as well, but since no-one beeg lesbian milf beeg eslse was awake in the house he relaxed. "man I have had so much beeg xvideos fun beeg sex video this week. I don't think I have ever been happier" Kevin beemed again and kissed Alex once more for good measure. Alex got up and had to adjust himself mumbling "sleepin in clothes is for the birds". "so take em' off" Kevin said playfully grabbing at Alex's shorts. "mmhmm, you would beeg jepang like that wouldn't you? you little pervert" Alex responded with a sarcastic snort. Alex started to make some eggs when his mom woke up and took over. The beeg jepang two boys went to the room beeg x until breakfast was ready. "so what ya wanna do today?" Alex asked. "I dunno I'd kinda just like to hang out and chill around here, unless you wanna go shoppin again?" beegxxx Kevin asked. "yeah that would be cool, we could just hang out around here. indian beeg I'd like that" Alex responded getting up for breakfast. After his parents left Alex got up and said "well I need a shower" "can I come with?" Kevin inquired. "ofcourse, like I'm gonna turn down the chance to shower with the most beautiful creature I know?" Kevin grinned and started to get undressed. When he walked into the beeg hindi bathroom Alex only stared at beegxxx him, Kevin was starting to feel self consciouse. "what?" he said uncomfortbly but grinning. "I remember it being bigger" Alex said smiling. Kevin's face twisted in confusion "Oh relax and get over here" Alex said starting www beeg com the shower. The two boys began to wash beeg 18 eachother playfully,until teen beeg they reached one anothers semi-hard cocks, at which time it became all business. 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Kevin instinctively pulled away as the tip began to slip free beeg in, but then he relaxed and milf beeg pushed back against Alex's 6 plus inches of boyhood. Kevin let out a gasp as beeg porno Alex slowly buried himself until his small pubic bush was rubbing against his now very sensitive ass. "I love the way you feel teen beeg Kevin, I love everything about you" Alex whispered into his ear as he continued to slowly thrust in and out beeg.com of Kevin's warm free porn beeg moist boycunt. "Oh god I love you inside of me Alex. Just promise you will never leave me?" www beeg Kevin said pumping free beeg back into Alex. Alex pulled beeg hairy out momentarily and rolled beeg hot Kevin beeg hindi over, pulling his legs up onto his shoulders before slowly entering him again. " I aint goin nowhere. I have all I could possibly want or need" He said picking up the pace slightly and looking into Kevin's beautiful blue eyes. There was a look of intensity on Kevin's face, it was one beeg poto of the looks that had helped Alex get through many a lonely night, so angelic. The way the moisture built up beegporn in his long xnxx beeg eyelashes, the way his lips seemed to get even redder(as if that were possible) Alex leened down and kissed Kevin as he again picked up the pace. Kevin was breathing heavily into his mouth as he beeg mp4 inserted his tongue and violently kissed back into his lover. Yes, Kevin knew he was loved. He knew that this was the boy he was meant to have sex with. Any doubts he site beeg.com beeg had once had were removed by this weekend and www beeg by how intune with his needs Alex seemed to be. ofcourse A-dog beeg tubes could have told Alex about begg their conversation, but Kevin doubted that. He thought to himself as he felt himself build to a climax. Alex was now pounding harder into Kevin and Kevin was thrusting upward intime with his lover. "oh beeg black yeah" the two boys moaned in unisone. Alex grabbed Kevin's legs pulling them out to the side as he continued to pound furiously now, beeg moms beeg/ into his ass. Kevin helped by holding beeg tube his legs apart to allow Alex full access to his beegxx now sore hole,suddenly Alex let the beeg tube legs drop as he exploded several large loads into Kevin's ass which caused Kevin to explode several large loads of his own across Alex's abdomine, chest, and nearly his neck as well as quite abit on Kevin too. Alex pulled out of Kevin leaving him with beeg x the site beeg.com beeg empty feeling as beeg sexxx He collapsed onto his lover. "damn" Alex groaned "That was fuckin' awesome" Kevin lay beneath him running his fingers through his long hair thinking the teen beeg same exact thing. "how could I have ever doubted him? " www.beeg He thought to himself. .beeg The boys finally got cleaned up beeg sexxx and moved out to the living room in their shorts. Alex grabbed a blanket incase they beeq.com got cold. They would stay there until about 9 when the folks beeg com were due home and then they would head to the bedroom for some privacy. beeg lesbian Mom looked in on them and asked if they had beeg porche bee dinner, Alex told her they had snacked around and weren't hungry. That they would be going to bed early. beeg vids He knew once she checked on them once she would not be back so he got up grabbed some drinks and then locked the door. " come here " he patted the ground next to him as he lay a blanket out. "what?" Kevin asked from the bed "You aint puttin me on the floor tonight, I got the bed" He giggled. "just come here" Alex pleaded. "fine" Kevin said getting up " lay on your stomache" "damn, abit pushy arent you?" Kevin joked back. Alex went to the dresser and grabbed a beeg sexxn bottle of baby oil, then turned off the lights and lit a candle putting some Barry White on the stereo softly. "Oh man, a romantic evening" Kevin snorted. "tonight its all about you Kevin, I'm gonna give you the best back rub you ever had" "I never had a back rub" Kevin said around a moan as free porn beeg Alex began to work the oil into his back. beeh "then beeg free theres no pressure" Alex shot back with a giggle. "aww man that feels great" Kevin moaned "almost better than sex" "Yeah " Alex smiled as he made his beeg video boy feel so wonderful "yeah it is, not as messy either. I mean what did mom beeg you shoot today about 5 gallons?" " I been savin it all up for you" Kevin moaned. "good thing I wasn't beeg indian suckin you. I'd have drowned" Alex giggled as he worked his way down to Kevin's lower back. Kevin reached back and began to pull his shorts off. "you too" He moaned to Alex. Alex got up and pulled Kevin's shorts the rest of the way off and then removed his own. Alex then began to work his way up starting with the feet. "oooohh beeg that feels so goood" Kevin moaned. When he got www.beeg..com to his butt, he vigorously messaged each beeg porn beautiful globe." Oh man, I'm hard as a rock and you havent even touched my dick yet" Kevin moaned Alex tickled one of Kevin's balls as they lay pressed beneath him "Yet? what makes you think I'm gonna touch your dick?" "cause if you don't I'm gonna explode all over this blanket" Kevin giggled. Kevin then began to roll over. Alex splashed another dose of oil across Kevin's abdomine and chest as he strattled him. He began to rub Kevin's xxx beeg muscular chest and the dark nickle sized nipples. Kevin leaned up and kissed him on the lips "this is incredible baby" he moaned Alex continued to work the oils into Kevin's body as he slowly worked his way down, until he had to lift himself up and over Kevin's engorged cock. "damn you abit excited?" Alex snorted. Kevin only moaned without opening his eyes. Alex began to work the oil into the sparse pubic hairs and then he poured a vigorouse amount of oil onto Kevin's nearly six xxx beeg inches of boytool before working his way down to each foot and back up again. He softly caressed beeg. each of Kevin's large beeg..com balls and then again gently worked the oil into Kevin's still beeg indian very erect cock. Kevin only moaned, never opening his eyes. Alex then began to work a finger into himself as he worked the oil into Kevin's chest again with one hand. When he was able to get the second into himself , he then used his free hand to beeg movies meassage Kevin's organ again, insuring that it did not go limp. When he lowered himself beeg anal gently onto Kevin's boycock, Kevin let out a gasp and opened his eyes. "what?... tube beeg Oh man that feels great" Kevin moaned, Holding Alex's gaze. "oh yeah , you feel so good inside me Kevin" Alex moaned as he lowered himself until his butt was touching Kevin's mousy brown patch of pubic hair. beeg porche Alex began to lift up and down gently as Kevin instinctively pumped into him in unisone. " oh god Alex, I'm beeg. com gonna cum already" Kevin moaned as he began to pump faster. He gave three more deep thrusts and then held himself up as if to bury himself as deep as possible www beeg com into Alex's hungry ass, before finally collapsing back to the ground. Alex gently lifted himself off from the rod that was now growing limp and then lay back down upon Kevin gently kissing him on the mouth. "sorry it didn't last longer" Kevin mumbled sheepishly. "it's cool, we got all night" Alex kissed him again and softly caressed his nipples. "just let me know when your ready." Alex began to message Kevin's chest again as the boy's breathing slowed back to a normal pace. By the time he reached Kevin's abdomine he was semi- erect again. "hmm looks like some one is about ready for another round" Alex giggled and began to rub the boycock again with more oil. Kevin sat up and smiled at beeg tube Alex. Without a word Alex turned his back to him and was on all fours. Kevin moved into place behind him and gently entered him again. "oh hell yeah, put it all the way in" Alex moaned as Kevin grabbed his boycock from behind. Kevin had one hand on Alex's back as he gently messaged his cock. Kevin was feelin hornier than ever and started to pump hard into Alex's now tender ass. tube beeg "oooooohhh " the two boys moaned in unisone. Kevin pumped harder and faster keeping his hand in rythm with his thrusts. "oh shit you feel so good " Kevin croaked as he watched himself move in and out of his lover. Now Alex beeg xx was moaning constantly with the occasional "uhhh uhh uhhh" thrown in. Alex could feel himself build as he felt Kevin swell inside of him. All at once the two boys climaxed together, xnxx beeg causing Kevin to collapse ontop of Alex where the two boys would spend the night. The next beeq.com day was christmas beag.com eve and Kevin went home shortly after breakfast. beeg. For Alex chritmas was no special occasion. It was nice to see his family and the gifts were alright but his mind was consumed with thoughts of Kevin and Eddie. It was on christmas night that Eddie would finally make an appearance. He tapped on Alex's window at about 10 beeg com b eeg o'clock. Everyone else had gone to bed and beag.com Alex had freaked at first when he saw Eddie . He wasn't sure it was beeg poto really him. "oh man you are gonna get me in so much trouble" was all he could think to say. "everyone's lookin for you. The police still come by once in awhile to ask if I saw you" "you want me to leave?" Eddie xxxbeeg asked defiantly . "naw it's cool. you just freaked me beeg massage is all"Alex replied "hey you want anything?" "well actually a shower would be great" Eddie www.beeg replied беег "help yourself, but be quiet. Don't wake up my parents or we're both dead" Alex was layin on beeg/ the bed when Eddie beeg.com/ came beeg milf in with nothing but a towel on. Alex could see bruises on www.beeg his back when he turned around. "you have some beag.com clothes I can wear? these are kinda funky" Alex brought him some beeg beeg clothes and sat back down. "so what the hell happened Eddie?" Eddie put on some boxers and sat next to Alex. "man it was crazy. the first night I was there my cousins started beeg teen on me. I was in the basement gettin ready to put my clothes away and they came d